Daeun Kim
By Daeun Kim on February 09, 2021

GurumDDS is used for Swarm Drone System developed by KARI


GurumNetworks, which has Korea's only commercialized DDS technology, provided GurumDDS to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), which is leading the future by developing aerospace technology in Korea, has developed new technologies this year to improve the cluster reconnaissance drone system and increase the utilization of cluster drones. 

100 drones fly at the same time and carry out reconnaissance missions, and pure domestic technology is applied.

GurumDDS from the GurumNetworks was used in this swarm drone system as a solution to solve problems in the existing system.

Application of GurumDDS on a Swarm Drone System

Improved Swarm Drone System: Changing cluster flight systems from centralized to distributed network-based systems addresses existing problems.

GurumDDS RS (Routing Service): GurumDDS RS has been used in improved swarm drone systems to enable RTK base stations, ground control systems, and drones to be connected in a WAN environment.

Distribution Network-based System Architecture

LTE-based: The change from Local Network to Global Network allows commands to be delivered anywhere based on LTE.

Various QoS: 22 standard QoS features of DDS separate critical and general data to improve communication quality.

Distributed networks: The transition from traditional centralized to distributed network methods enables greater reliability and diversification of ground station systems.

Improve distributed network-based system structure

A module is developed as a distribution system based on PX4-ROS2 that can be developed without relying on hardware through messaging. Distributed processing is possible by software separation of modules.

PX4 is software related to drone flight. ROS2 stands for Robot Operating System and is an OS that goes into Robot.


About GurumNetworks

GurumNetworks specializeds in developing network solutions that develop data-centric software for today and the future. 

We have developed GurumDDS, an international standard communication middleware, and we strive to implement a data-driven world through DDS based on this basis. 

GurumDDS will provide the best solutions and services for your business so that the data you want can be sent to wherever you want in.

Published by Daeun Kim February 9, 2021
Daeun Kim